Luxury Car Subscriptions For High Net-Worth Clients
Luxury Car Subscriptions for High Net Worth Clients - FREE DELIVERY to your door in ENGLAND & WALES

Conduire UK

How it Works

Our process is simple, so long as you qualify for our premium service. Take a look at our process below and see how we can fit into your lifestyle.

Enquire today and pay the joining fee, select the make and model that works best for you and we’ll then personally delivery your car. You’re free to pause or upgrade at anytime.

The Conduire Process

We’re refined our process over the years to make choosing your premium car subscription simple and easy. We have a strict process that we follow which we will use this page to cover the stages and details.

The Conduire service is only available to high-net-worth clients and VIP’s, we have a qualification process to go through to cover our compliance. These include Anti-money laundering checks and FCA requirements, we also carry out credit checks and land registry checks.

Aston Martin DBX


The Conduire service is only available to high-net-worth clients and VIP’s, unless your details have been forwarded by one of our qualified referrers you need to meet on of the following:


You’re income must be over £100k per annum or if you are applying as a joint application, £125k per annum.


You’re property must be worth in excess of £1 million based on online valuation services. Land registry checks will also be made.


Do you have savings or investments of £100k or more? We can use this to qualify you for the Conduire UK service.


If you are classed as a VIP or you have come from a qualified source or agent, then you will qualify for the Conduire service. This includes sportsman, those in the media and members of Embassy/Parliament.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

Application and Checks

Once you have spoken to a member of the Conduire team about your luxury vehicle subscription requirements, they will send you across a short online application to complete.

Our experienced underwriters will then carry out credit and verification checks, this may include land registry checks. Additional information and/or documents will be requested to support your application, these may include producing your driving licence/passport, bank statements or letters from accredited accountants.

Once the underwriters are satisfied with the information provided, terms are set out in writing. These terms will cover credit limit, refundable deposits required and any other limitations that may be included.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Choosing Your Vehicle/s

Once you are happy with the terms, it is now time to think about securing your car. We have daily stocklists available for many of our regular makes/models.

If you are looking for one of our high-end vehicles, this may be a time to secure the vehicle for the future. It may be that you need an interim vehicle until the car comes in to dealership and is ready to be delivered.

Minimum Qualifying Period

All of our vehicles can be taken for a minimum of 1 month, the prices advertised on this website are based on a minimum qualifying period, this can be 90 days, 180 days or 365 days. If you send the vehicle back before this time, you will be liable for the higher rate as laid out on your contracts. We also reserve the right to charge delivery.

Joining Fee

We only charge the joining fee upon successful qualification of our service. Should you decide not to go ahead with a vehicle, we will refund this in full to the payment method paid. This is only if an order form has not be signed.

If you have signed an order fee for the vehicle, this means that the vehicle is secured for all parties. Cancelling the vehicle after this point will result in a cancellation form, which is clearly laid out on the order form. It is Managements discretion for the refund of the joining fee.

Bentley Continental GTC

Order Forms and Contracts

Order Form

To secure the vehicle, we will require an order form to be checked and signed. Our team or your Account Manager will also request payment of the 1st months payment, documentation fee and if required, a refundable deposit.

Direct Debit

All monthly payments will be taken by Direct Debit, therefore the team will request that you set this up using our online portal. We will also ask for a signed credit card authorisation form as a backup payment, details will be securely stored on our Stripe system. We may also use your Direct Debit for any in-contract charges like PCN Admin charges, VE103b, etc.

Rental Agreement/Contracts

All of our contracts are done electronically. These can be signed by the named authority on the contract. If this is a business application, we ask that it is the Director that was named on the application.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Before Delivery

Our team will discuss a delivery date that is suitable for both parties. Our slots do fill up very quickly, so we would ask that confirmation is sent to ourselves so that we can secure your preferred day. Any outstanding paperwork/payments will be requested and will need to be in place.

On The Day Of Delivery

On the day of delivery our team will be in touch with an estimated time of arrival, this is always subject to change and the timeframe is given out of courtesy. Our drivers will then try and make contact 1hr before delivery.

At the point of drop off, the driver will go around the vehicle making notes on it’s appearance and take photos. It is important that you do the same to enusre that the vehicle does not have any defects/damage.

The driver will then offer a demonstration of controls if required, it is then free for you to drive.

Airport Meet & Greets

We offer an optional service of Airport Meet & Greets, this all depends on availability and may require additional rental to be paid if the delivery takes place over a weekend and/or a holiday.

Our team will liase with you to ensure that the driver is waiting in arrivals and will walk you to the car. We can then load up your vehicle (if correct size) and drive you to your home address or we can leave you at the airport to make own way home.

Maserati Grecale SUV

During Your Contract

Available For You

Our team are always on hand during office ours to help you with your contract. If you have a dedicated account manager, you will be able to message them directly with any queries you may have.


If your vehicle includes maintenance, it is your responsibility to ensure that the car is serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. When the vehicle is due, book the car into the local’s manufacturers dealer and let our team know. We will let you know the process to get this serviced settled directly with the dealer.

Warranty work can be booked into the dealership and you may need to ask for a courtesy car, no outstanding warranty work should be on the car when you return it.

Breakdown Assistance

Should the unfortunate happen and you require breakdown assistance, you can find the details of who to call on our online portal. You may also be able to use the SOS button within the vehicle.

Range Rover Sport

Looking to return or upgrade?

Change your vehicle

It is easy to upgrade or downgrade your car with Conduire. Just ask your dedicated account manager for the latest list or see our coming soon pages to find a suitable vehicle. We will then arrange the swapover.

Returning your car

If you are looking at returning your car with no replacement, our team or your dedicated account manager can arrange this. Collection is chargeable if you do not have a replacement vehicle. You can take the vehicle back to the specified de-fleet centre, this may differ from vehicle to vehicle but this option is free of charge.

Lamborghini Urus

More Information

We hope we have covered everything above, but if you do have any questions, please speak to the Conduire team on +44 3333 445699 or use the ENQUIRY FORM below. We are here to help you.

You can also find additional information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

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