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Luxury Car Subscriptions for High Net Worth Clients - FREE DELIVERY to your door in ENGLAND & WALES
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find the answers to our most asked questions here on this page. Our full process can be found on the How it Works page, just click the highlighted link to find out more about Conduire.

Joining Conduire

Simply complete the enquiry form on the Conduire website and our team will come back to you. We will explain more about our service, qualification criteria and we will check that Conduire meets your requirements.

We will, if required, also walk you through vehicle availability, next steps and when to expect the car of interest.

Our minimum contract period is 1 month. However, the cars advertised on our website are based on a minimum qualifying period usually 90 days, 180 days or 365 days to get the advertised rate.

To pause the subscription, all you need to do is complete our ONLINE RETURNS REQUEST form, giving us at least 5 working days notice. All collection slots are subject to availability and blackout periods.

If you have a dedicated account manager, you can also email them, or send an email to or call us on +44 3333 445699 to discuss the return.

We usually collect a full month’s subscription via Direct Debit, if the vehicle is returned mid-period, we will then refund you within 30 days (subject to availability), minus any additional as per our charges.

Conduire is designed to be a flexible alternative to vehicle purchasing or car leases, our service gives you the option to change your vehicle on a more regular basis without worrying about depreciation.

After an initial 1-month commitment* and depending on vehicle availability, you can change your car whenever suits. It is important to understand that there may be a minimum qualifying period on your current contract that may incur additional charges should the car be changed before this time.

If you would like to switch cars, we will discuss the vehicle requirements and let you know the amounts you will need to pay to secure your new vehicle. Both car subscriptions will be kept separate and therefore, any unused rental will be refunded based on pro-rata and minus any additional charges.

To update your car speak to your dedicated account manager or email us at or call us on +44 3333 445699.

If the vehicle is in physical stock, we will aim to deliver your car within 3-5 working days. We can only hold a vehicle for a maximum of 14 days.

If the vehicle is on order, we will keep you updated on delivery timescales, due to the nature of the product, these dates may differ.

Conduire is a car subscription service for high-net-worth clients and VIP’s which gives you access to a range of premium, luxury and high-end vehicles. We want to ensure that you are looked after every step of the way. If you qualify, we will also provide you with a dedicated account manager, who will be on-hand every step of the way.

We cover the main qualification and approval service on our How it Works page, but here is a summary below:


  • Identity and Credit Checks – Our aim is to highlight any issues and to ensure that you are, who you say you are. If you are Expat, our team will carry out these checks in your home country.
  • High-Net-Worth Check – Our team will assess your application to see if you meet our income and/or asset checks, these are displayed on our how it works page.
  • Driving Licence Check – Our team will carry out driving licence checks, you will be required to send us through a check code from the DVLA website.

Conduire is currently serving customers in England, Wales and Scotland. A delivery charge is applicable for all customers in Scotland and may be applicable if you do not meet the minimum qualifying period.


The joining fee, initial rental, documentation fee and refundable deposit (if applicable) can be paid by all major credit/debit cards, this includes Visa, Mastercard and American Express (AMEX).

Subsquent rentals must be taken by Direct Debit, these will usually be taken 1 month from the date of delivery and then on the same date every month, unless otherwise requested otherwise.

Other then the inital payments and monthly subscription, you may also be liable for other charges and/or fees based on your usuage of the vehicle and/or service.

Please see our latest ADVICE OF CHARGES for any in-contract charges. Please also see our RETURN STANDARDS for any end of contract charges that may be applicable.

Yes, all the prices shown on the Conduire website are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. Should the VAT rate change during the contract, the rate will adjust accordingly.

When you are issued with a PCN or Parking Ticket, Speeding Ticket, etc, OUr suppliers will receive a notice from the issuer, we will then:

  1. Try and represent the fine or ticket into the hirers name, if required, we may settle the fine at the lowest possible amount and charge this on.
  2. Reach out to you to tell you that you have a ticket and will invoice a PCN admin fee as per our ADVICE OF CHARGES.
  3. If applicable, the fine issuer will then send the notification direct for you to settle or appeal.

If you would like to challenge the PCN, you must do this directly with the issuer.

Your first month’s subscription payment must be paid at the point of signing the order form and must be received 2 days before the date of delivery. Subsquent monthly subscription payments are then taken on the day of delivery each month.

Example: If you join Conduire on the 8th August and take delivery of your car on the 18th August, your first subscription payment is payable at the point of signing the order form, subsquent monthly payments are then taken by Direct Debit starting on the 18th September and then the 18th of each future month.

If you need help with the payments side, please contact your dedicated account manager or email. or call us on +44 3333 445699.


Each vehicle comes with a monthly mileage allowance, this will differ from vehicle to vehicle. It is your responsibility to ensure that the required mileage is suitable for your needs.

Should you return the vehicle over the required mileage allowance, an excess mileage charge will be levied.

It is important to note that mileage is cumulative so unused mileage from the 1st month can be carried into the next month.

The excess mileage charge will differ from vehicle to vehicle, we display this next to the vehicle details.

It will also be on your order form and contract.

Excess mileage is calculated based on the number of days you have the vehicle, so if you have 1,000 miles per month included on your contract, you are able to do approx. 32 miles per day.

No, we do not allow you to configure our vehicles due to the nature of the subscription product. As we offer premium, luxury and high-end vehicles you will be pleased to know that all of the vehicles offer a high level of specification and the vehicles are usually brand new or pre-registered with delivery mileage.

The majority of our cars will be brand new or pre-registered with delivery mileage. We may advertise cars that have been previously out to customers and this will be relayed to you at the point of enquiry.

All vehicles that have been out before are usually refurbished, where required, to a high standard.

The majority of our vehicles will not come with a towbar, this can be added for an additional fee, but it is important to note that this will not be removed and the amount paid for the towbar will not be refunded.

Please ensure that your insurance cover covers towing and that the person driving has the correct licence and is subject to the correct towing capacity for the vehicle.

Unlike other subscription providers, we allow you to keep the vehicle for at least 12 months before we request it back. Due to the recent stock issues caused by the chip shortage, many of our customers have been able to keep the car for longer periods up to 3 years without the need to swap, this is not guaranteed.

Yes, unlike many other car subscription providers we allow you to put a private plate on the car. There are administration and DVLA fees to pay at the point of putting the plate on and removing the plate.

It is also important to remember that the plate needs to be removed before sending the vehicle back or swapping for another vehicle.

If you are swapping your vehicle for one with the same supplier, private plates can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

Yes, as with other vehicle subscription providers our range of Plugin Hybrid Vehicles is increasing, use the filters on the cars page to find a suitable vehicle.

Yes, as with other vehicle subscription providers our range of Electric Vehicles is increasing, use the filters on the cars page to find a suitable vehicle.

Yes, all of our premium car subscriptions include 24/7 roadside assistance as standard. This is usally supplied by the manufacturer. The easiest way of contacting the breakdown assistance provider is by pressing the serivce button in the vehicle.

We only ever supply one key per vehicle due to the nature of the subscription product.

In the event that you have lost the key, please contact your dedicated account manager or email You can also call us on +44 3333 445699.

It may be required that the vehicle is collected and taken to a dealer to have 2 new keys programmed with the old keys being disabled for security. On completion of this process, your vehicle will be returned to you with just one key.

As the customer you will be liable for this process and any rentals due. Your insurance coverage may cover these costs and reimburse you.

If your car develops a defect or fault during your subscription, in the first instance we would direct you to the manufacturers dealership network or depending on the severity, the breakdown assistance provider.

If the issue is safety related, the breakdown assistance provider will usually recover the vehicle and where applicable, supply a courtesy vehicle.

For the period of time in which you’re unable to drive your Conduire vehicle, you will still be liable for your subscription fees. Our team is dedicated in supporting you throughout, whilst aiming to rectify any issues as quickly as possible.

The manufacturers warranty will cover any defects or faults found with the vehicle, so long as these are not caused by driver error.

In the first instance, please contact your dedicated account manager or our team via email: or via phone: +44 3333 445699.

For detailed guidance on our complaints procedure, please visit this here: Complaints Procedure

We are also member of the BVRLA (Membership No. 2110) and should the complaint not be resolved to your satisfaction, you are able to raise this as an official complaint.

On the day of delivery, our team will contact you with an estimated time of arrival, this is always subject to traffic conditions and/or other factors.

One hour before, our driver will contact you to let him know approximate time of arrival.

At the point of delivery, the driver will go around the vehicle making notes on it’s condition, taking photos and making additional notes. This can take between 15-30 minutes.

This is also a really important time to go around the vehicle yourself and ensure that it is free of defects/damage and that you know where accessories such as the locking wheel nut, puncture repair kits, etc.

The driver will offer a demonstration of the controls, if required. It is then free for you to drive.

If you have arranged for us to collect or swap over your vehicle, it must be returned as per our RETURN STANDARDS to prevent any other charges.

The fuel level must be exactly the same or more as when delivered or if you have an electric car, this must be charged as close to 100% as possible.

To collect your vehicle, our drivers will undertake a walkaround inspection, this is not to be confused with the comprehensive inspection that will be carried out at the suppliers location. During the walkaround inspection, it is the drivers job to ensure that any marks are noted.

You are responsible in getting the car cleaned inside and out before this walkaround inspection takes place, this is so that any damage can be clearly identified.

The following checks will be made:

  • Interior/Exterior Damage
  • Mileage
  • Fuel or Charge Levels
  • Missing Equipment (eg. Parcel Shelf, etc)

You will also be responsible for any costs assocated with personal belongings left in the car which need to be returned/disposed of.

If fuel is required, the missing fuel will be calculated based on the fuel tank size, working out the missing fuel amount and multiplied by the fuel charge as advertised on our online portal.

After the walkaround inspection, the vehicle will be taken back to the vehicles supplier for a more comprehensive inspection, this is what the final charges, if applicable, will be based on. If any additional charges are due, we will notify you within 28 days in accordance with the BVRLA code of conduct.

Yes, however, like with all of our cars will be subject to availability. Please speak to the Conduire team for more information.

All requests for taking the vehicle out of the UK are made on a case-by-case basis and we require at least 14 days notice to process the required paperwork.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate fully comprehensive insurance whilst driving abroad and European Roadside Assistance.

To apply for a VE103B, please click the highlighted link.


All of our vehicles must be covered on a fully comprehensive insurance policy from the date of delivery to the point of collection by Conduire.

It is the hirers responsibility that anybody who drives the vehicle has the correct driving licence and is insured under a fully comprehensive policy.

General Questions

Conduire is a trading name for Cocoon Vehicles Ltd. A family owned business that was set-up in 2007.

Over the years Cocoon has helped thousands of people with their flexible and short-term car lease arrangements.

Conduire is our premium brand who look after high-net worth clients and VIP’s, these clients include Hollywood stars, sports people such as footballers and even those working for international governments.

Our service and vehicles reflect the brand.

Yes, we provide VAT invoices for all of our products and services, where applicable.

Details of our VAT number can be requested from our team or your dedicated account manager.

Yes, we provide our car subscriptions to Expats and Overseas visitors. Our experienced underwriters will process your application and where applicable, make the necessary checks in your home country.

For more information, please visit our Expat Car Subscription page.

We may be able to sell the vehicle depending on the manufacturer terms of the vehicle.

Occasionally, we may have to retain the vehicle for a set period before we are allowed to release the vehicle for sale.

If you do not meet the income or asset qualification criteria for one of our premium car subscriptions, we’d recommend that you take a look at our parent company Cocoon Vehicles, which offers a large range of car subscriptions.

Yes, we offer our facilities to both business and personal customers.

Depending on the level of the company will depend whether we service you via Conduire or our parent company Cocoon Vehicles. More information can be found on our Business Car Subscription page.

If you have previously made bankrupt but you are still classed as high-net-worth or have assets exceeding our qualification criteria, our team of underwriters can look at your application, however, please understand that we may not accept you for a Conduire Car Subscription.

Our team will liase with you and recommend either applying via our parent company of Cocoon Vehicles or another alternative.

Depending on the terms set by our underwriters, a deposit may be required.

This will be kept on file throughout your relationship with Conduire. We may look at revising this throughout the contract at ours or your request.

A Car Subscription is an ultra flexible way of running a car on a month-to-month basis. You can take a car for a minimum of 1-month, but the advertised prices are based on taking the vehicle for a minimum qualifying period.

Our car subscriptions include the following:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • Maintenance & Servicing
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Road Tax
  • No Cancellation Period
  • Dedicated Account Manager (If Applicable)

By ‘joining’ Conduire, this gives you access to a range of premium and luxury vehicles. This allows you to swap and change your vehicle on a regular basis without the long-term commitment of a car lease or vehicle purchase.

The joining fee allows you to join Conduire as a customer. We have a strict qualifying criteria that can be found on our How it Works page.

Once terms have been set by our underwriters, we will send you an invoice for our ‘joining fee’ – This is payable on receipt but is refundable should you not take a vehicle with ourselves. If you have signed an order form and have then cancelled, it is at Managements descretion on whether the joining fee can be refunded. A cancellation charge may also be payable on the ordered vehicle.

The documentation fee is a charge that covers the administration process and the logistics of the vehicle. It may also be part of a charge that we have to pay in order to order the vehicle from the suppliers. This is non-refundable and a documentation fee is payable on each and every vehicle. This differs from vehicle to vehicle.

The minimum qualifying period is the time you must take the vehicle for to get the advertised price.

This duration is usually:

  • 90 Days
  • 180 Days
  • 365 Days

If you return the vehicle before this time, a higher rate, as per your contract, will be chargeable. You may also be liable for the delivery cost of the vehicle.

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